We Run Endless

(Summary description)Wenrun Optoelectronics July Mini Marathon and the Second Quarter Mini Marathon Award Ceremony

We Run Endless

(Summary description)Wenrun Optoelectronics July Mini Marathon and the Second Quarter Mini Marathon Award Ceremony

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Wenrun Optoelectronics July Mini Marathon and the Second Quarter Mini Marathon Award Ceremony




The hot summer has come, but Wenrun people who love to run marathons will still not give up because of the hot weather. Wenrun Optoelectronics has held regular mini-marathons since 2015. It has been three years since 2015 and has organized a group to participate in Zhenjiang International Marathon for three consecutive years. Wenrun people can keep forging ahead in every race and earnestly run the required distance. This is something to be proud of.

On the evening of the 10th, the July mini-marathon event kicked off. In order to encourage people who are running hard, the award ceremony of the second quarter (a total of three events) mini-marathon was held at the same time.

This time, not only the athletes with a total score of 1-5 in the second season were awarded, in order to encourage more Wenrun people to integrate into it, there are also small gifts even after finishing a race.

It is especially worth noting that this time the team uniforms have also been changed to pure white, and the Wenrun Optoelectronics LOGO has been printed uniformly. Does it look particularly energetic?

Not much to say, the awards have begun!




First prize




second prize




Third prize




Effort award




Enterprising Award




Encouragement Award




At the same time as the awards, a site visit was made to Wenrun athletes:

Question: Don’t you feel bored after running for so long?

Answer: How could it happen? I usually see my colleagues working seriously and seriously. Once they get to the track, they can see their different places and other interesting things.

Question: Don’t you feel tired after running for so long?

Answer: Tired! Not to mention summer! In addition to being tired, I also get headaches, sweat like rain, and difficulty breathing. After you finish running, you will feel particularly comfortable, these are nothing!

Question: Your body type doesn't look like running, does it?

Answer: Some fat guys surprise you when they run!

Question: Do you often organize running events because work is easy?

Answer: We are all done, and we run off work. Time is squeezed out!

There are some things to pay attention to in summer long-distance running, so as to help marathon running without injury, so that running smoothly. Therefore, the editor here also reminds you of the precautions for summer long-distance running: avoid high temperature periods and direct sunlight Sections, stop if you feel uncomfortable, slow down, gradually adapt to high temperature environments, and replenish water at any time.

Finally, the editor quoted a passage from the sports-themed novel "Strong Wind Blowing" to make a summary-"No matter what position you are in, what kind of experience you have had, everyone has to stand in the same position in the face of running. A starting line. Whether it is success or failure in the end, at this moment, it all depends on your body."

May Wenrun people never lack of hard work and enterprising, persevering to face the big and small difficulties in career and life!

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